How do I check my Startimes subscription status?

To check your Startimes subscription status or balance at any time, follow the steps below:

How can I use the StarTimes app on my phone?

How to connect your StarTimes decoder to StarTimes app

  1. Open StarTimes On App, and click on Sign In.
  2. Next, click on Star Times Decoder Services.
  3. Then, click on the link option.
  4. Enter your smart card number and the last six (6) digits of your decoder number.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions then click Finish.

How can I recharge StarTimes online?

Paying for your StarTimes subscription involves a few simple steps:

  1. Make sure your decoder is turned on.
  2. Sign up or login using your email address and password.
  3. Select TV from the list of services.
  4. Select Star Times.
  5. Enter your smart card number and your desired top-up amount.

How do I subscribe to StarTimes on my phone?

Dial *737*37*AMOUNT*Smart Card Number# from your line. For example, dial *737*37*900*012345678910# to subscribe to Nova Bucky. You will be asked to provide your USSD banking PIN for verification and debit is done after successful process.

How do I activate StarTimes after subscription?

How to Activate Star Times Using Mobile App To activate StarTimes decoder using StarTimes app, login to your mobile app, click on StarTimes on, tap on StarTimes on sport. And then, select the type of subscription you want and proceed. After that, select eWallet and proceed.

  1. Visit the Startimes website, click here.
  2. Click on the “Recharge Button” button.
  3. On the next page you will need to enter your 11 digit smart card number.

How do I enable Startimes on my TV?

The first thing you should do is contact Startimes customer service using their helpline number. Call, tell them you have a new box to activate. You will be asked to read the serial number of your box, which is found on the wrapping box and the decoder itself. Read them.

How much is StarTimes Classic Bookie?

How much is StarTimes Classic subscription? This bundle costs 2,500 Naira per month and has 24 TV channels: ST Adepa. The good life.

Does Star Times Show Champions League 2020?

Nigerian digital pay-TV company Star Times has announced the addition of the UEFA Champions League to its packages. Fans can now watch live UCL matches on NTA Sports 24 from February to May.

How do I subscribe to StarTimes Daily?

Immediately, you want to subscribe for a day plan on Nova bouquet, which is N60, all you have to do is dial *737*37*60*smart card number# and hit send on your phone. You can do this for any Startimes bookie, you might want to start with this one.

Can I pay StarTimes daily?

StarTimes Daily and Weekly Charges You can also pay for your StartTimes Bookie package on a daily or weekly subscription basis.

How much is StarTimes monthly subscription?

It costs 2,200 Naira per month and has about 40 TV channels. The cost is 1,200 Naira per month and it comes with about 4 TV channels: StarTimes Nova.

Does StarTimes do daily subscription?

There are six (6) packages available on Startimes which include Nova, Basic, Classic, Smart, Super and Unique. The number of channels in these packages varies. All users can choose from these packages and subscribe daily, weekly or monthly.

How much is StarTimes per day?

Subscribers can pay a daily fee of KES 25 for Nyota, KES 60 for Basic Bookie or KES 85 for Classic. Weekly charges for Neota, Basic and Classic buckets are KES 95, KES 220 and KES 340 respectively.

How much is a Startime one-day subscription?

Startimes Smart Bouquet subscribers will be able to pay N120 daily, N600 weekly and N1,900 monthly for all subscribers on Smart Bouquet. Superbucket users will pay N240 daily, N1,200 weekly and N3,800 monthly.

How many channels does StarTimes TV have?

StarTimes currently offers a total of four different subscription plans to customers, namely: StarTimes Nova offers 33 channels, StarTimes Basic offers 40 channels, StarTimes Classic offers 60 channels, and StarTimes Unique bouquets offer 80 channels respectively with different monthly subscription prices. There are

Does StarTimes have free channels?

Startimes has more than 50 channels, unfortunately, the best channels, especially cartoon and football channels, are not free to air. Free to air channels vary from region to region but the most common are KBC, Citizen TV, KTN, KTN News, Inooro TV, K24 and Janta TV…. Free at launch for channels.

MBN Salvation
TV10 West TV

How many free channels are there on StarTimes?

StarTimes Nigeria has announced a one-month ‘free to watch’ service for four local television stations on its platform for active and passive subscribers.

Is GOtv or StarTimes better?

When it comes to payment method, StarTimes is the clear winner as it allows daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions while GOtv only allows monthly subscription. For just 90 naira a day, you can access 42 channels under the Startimes Nova plan. Basic Bucky is N160 daily while Classic is N320 daily.

What is the highest GOtv subscription?

GoTV Max – 3,600 Naira per month GoTV MAX as you may have guessed is the highest GoTV package available. This package contains all GoTV channels. There are more and more GoTV channels. This package is designed for the partner who wants the complete package, without missing a beat.

How much is GOtv monthly?

GOtv Kenya Packages and Prices 2021

The package Number of channels Price Ksh per month
GOtv value 23 499.00
GOtv Lite (Monthly) 17 260.00
GOtv Lite (Annual) 15 1500.00
GOtv Lite (Quarterly) 16 590.00

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