How do you divert power in among us?

General work

Short work

What are our brief tasks?

Short work

  • Align the engine output.
  • Calibrate distributor.
  • 02 Clean the filter.
  • Clear the Asteroids.
  • Prime Shields.
  • Stabilize the steering.
  • Unlock the manifold.

What are our common tasks?

  • Correct the wiring.
  • Swipe card.
  • Enter the keys.

Divert the power. To the shields: You have to access the terminal in the electrical room. Remove the power Slide its indicator all the way up to the shields. After that, you need to go to the shields room and accept. Power turned By simply accessing the terminal and clicking on the fuse in the middle of the board.

How do you open the manifold between us?

Literally press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and so on. But the crew’s fellow athletes are encouraged to complete the task as quickly as possible. gave many times The work can be found inside the reactor room, which is quite isolated.

Do we all have the same wiring?

Common tasks are tasks that either Everyone has itor none. does. So, if you Is A particular common task like fix Wiringthen all staff members will too. Is Correct. Wiring In their to-do list. If you don’t, neither will anyone else in the group. does.

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