How do you get dry kindling in Poptropica Survival Island?

Go behind the rock and click on the fire symbol at the bottom left of the screen. Use your mittens to clean the snow off the ground. Put the nest down and hit it (with the striker). Next, click “Blow on Fire”, then place the dry kindling down (far left).

How do you drill a bit past the guard?

How do I get a drill bit? Redirect the ventilation above the shop so that air from the license plate machine comes to the guard table. Overload the license plate machine. When the guard returns to his post, the steam will fog his glasses.

How do you get a drill bit into Poptropica Pelican Rock?

Talk to Marion, and then go straight to the guard and ask for the drill bit. Go back left and talk to Marion to give it to him. You will then learn how to use the license plate machine, which you do in the metal shop to get pieces of gum.

How do you start a food fight on Poptropica?

Click on the pot of mashed potatoes, and as you’re mixing, some of it will fly into the vent and, because of the vent configuration you’ve made, land right on Flashy’s head. Worried about his damaged hair, Flashy will cause a scene, and pretty soon a food fight will begin!

How do you get rid of squirrels in Poptropica Survival?

Jump onto the tree branch and jump right to pick up the missing page. Run almost all the way to the right and jump the pile of rocks. Follow the woodpecker to the left, and pick up the next missing page from the branch. Drop down and run to the right to distract the squirrel.

Where do you put fire in Poptropica survival?

Click the nest icon to place it, then click the flint and striker icon to start fire. An icon that says blow on fire will pop up, click on it. Next, click on the kindling icon on the left to place the dry kindling. Then keep the logs.

Where do you find Tinder in Poptropica Survival?

First, use mittens to thoroughly clean a piece of ground under the snow. Next, put the tinder (squirrel’s nest) down. Then light the fire with striker and tinder.

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