What gives the most XP in Dragonvale?

Colosseum is the single biggest stack of xp you can get for doing one thing, so getting an extra one with boost applied is a must. Desperately buy decorations and farm treats on a double XP day. Also don’t turn a dragon into a pedestal.

Which dragons do you breed to get the Iron Blossom Dragon?

An Iron Blossom Dragon can be bred by any two dragons, in any order, in any breeding cave containing plant and metal elements.

How much XP does it take to level up in Dragonville?

WikiTargeted (Games)

The surface Need to go to the next level. End of overall level
1 300 300
2 200 500
3 1,000 1,500
4 1,000 2,500

How do you get free XP on Dragonvale?

How to get experience points

  1. Accomplishment of goals.
  2. Feed your dragons with treats.
  3. Ending a ceremony at the Colosseum.
  4. hatching dragons and selling egg pedestals.
  5. New buildings, residences and decorations.
  6. Removing obstacles.
  7. Formation and demand of the third island.
  8. Winning the race on the dragon track.

How do you get a lot of money on Dragonvale?

Before you have many dragons at high levels giving you piles of money to get money quickly and efficiently at low levels, a plant for cactus dragon and lightning dragon together. Try breeding. It takes 30 minutes to make the egg and another 30 minutes to get it ready to hatch. It sells for 100,000 Dragon Cash.

What do you breed to get a rainbow dragon?

Some possible combinations include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Penne cloves + seaweed.
  • Crystal + Blue Fire.
  • Currant + Flower.
  • Blazing + Swamp.
  • Love + Swamp.
  • Flower + Plasma.
  • Scorch + seaweed.
  • Firefly + Seaweed.

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