Where can I find Black Lotus in wizard101?

Black lotus flower Can be purchased in the market, and can be found in the areas of Mosho, Zafria, Avalon, Azteca, and Khrysilis, to name a few.

How do you get Master Craftsman in Wizard 101?

There is a quest line that you Is to follow become a Master craftsman. It starts in the Wizard City in Old Town. Near the bear would be a woman, though I can’t quite remember her name. She’ll send you on many quests, and once you’ve completed the Dragon Spire quest, you’ll get a Master craftsman.

How do you become an expert crafter in Wizard 101?

To achieve Master craftsman Be able to seed, and do Handicraft A tea set, you will need to complete Handicraft Quests in Wizard City, Krokotopia, MarleyBone and finally MooShu in that order, each of these worlds has Handicraft A vendor standing next to a reagent vendor near the city center.

How do you move diamonds in Wizard 101?

You may have already purchased the crafting spell”Transmute Diamond” Press “I” to open the crafting page of your spellbook, then change your recipes for “All Cards”. Look at the reagents, then see if refer to There is. If not, look in Celestia for another craft refer to the seller

How do you farm ore in wizard101?

Best route/place Far more By going to the Athenaeum in the Basilica and then the Dragon Spire, then switch rams, just go down the whole list of realms you’ll usually get at least 80. metal And maybe two or three diamonds. Once you’ve gone down the list, just start back at the top.

Where can I farm diamonds in Wizard 101?


Can you buy Ore Wizard 101?

Farming gold and Buying ore Probably the fastest route on the market. Get This. It costs no more than 175 grams per piece, and is often available. As far as farming is concerned. metal Goes himself, there’s a lot in the Cave of Solitude in Mosho near the teleporter. ore. Pick everyone up You can Watch, change circles, then repeat.

Where do you find diamonds in Wizard 101?

Usually, about every 10 circles or so, you’ll get one. Hera. Places to gather ore include, throughout Dragonspire but especially the Athenaeum, the Cave of Solitude in Mosho, and the Crocosphinx in Crocotopia. Ore or will leave that there are also plants Diamonds If you take up gardening.

Where do you find Ghostfire in Wizards 101?

These craft quests are really hard! You have to Buy ghost fire From reagent vendors on Mosho or Dragonspire.

Where do you get transmute ore in wizard101?

Around the Dragonspire, especially the Necropolis and the Athenaeum, you find them in abundance. They are also abundant in Westerland. If you’re interested in gardening, dandelions and fecal pickles can help.

How do you transfer reagents?

You can”refer toReagents In another Reagents, you just need recipes and a card craft table to do it. Check with recipe vendors to find out which ones sell. refer to Find the prescription you need ( Reagent icon on tabs). I believe Toshio at MooShu sells the recipe you need.

Where do you find the card crafting table in Wizard 101?

Try checking in housing shops with furniture dealers. Card making table. Might be able to find it in the market but won’t be easy. Yes, it is Table You need to transfer reagents. Card making table One can be found in furniture Shop In mosho…

Where do you find the Red Mandrake in Wizard 101?

Red Mandrake Climb Cyclops Lane, Firecat Alley, Colossus Blvd and Haunted Cave. Look behind all the back corners and buildings. Gardening sources include Boom Shroom, Burning Snapdragon and Faecal Pickles. Fossils are rare drops from stone blocks.

Where is the crafting station in wizard101?

Wizard City Old Town

Where can I buy spell recipes in Wizard 101?

Once you become a Legendary Crafter, there are two places you can. Buy recipes Handicraft Mantra. The first one is located in Mosho. You have to complete the Shirataki Temple dungeon and fight the final boss in this instance before you see it. magic Craft vendor.

Where do you find shadow spells in Wizard101?

The shadow Magic training can only be done by spending training points, and cannot be learned as a primary school of focus. The shadow Magic is learned from Sophia Darkside, a wise mouse mage in the Eclipse Tower of the Moon Rocks.

What level is shadow magic?

after the you Complete the main story quest in the Eclipse Tower in Mooncliffs, Khrysalis. be The surface 92.

Where do you learn death spells in wizard 101?


How do you get a shadow partner?

what Shadow partner And what does it do? you will receive Somewhere during her journey in Khrysalis, Sophia’s quest to defeat the Dark Side. Fire, myth, and storm wizards will automatically learn this spell for free, while other schools will need to spend an additional training point to learn it.

What is Shadow Sentinel?

If you belong to one of the following schools, this spell is free. The shadow Self Spells have an additional effect called Backlash, which is an amount of damage equal to a certain percentage of the caster’s current health.The Shadow Sentinel.

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How many players are playing Wizard 101?

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